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Professional Athletes Speak


Terrell Owens

Wide Receiver

I had a real sore heel. After one treatment I said, "What did you do? My heel never felt this good!" I noticed a major difference the next morning after treatment.


Anthony Adams

Defensive Tackle

"I gotta fight to get on the machine to enjoy it. It helps relieve my foot pain.

Ath-Garrison Hurst (1).jpg

Garrison Hearst

NFL Running Back

This thing is really good for my shoulder and hamstring. It also helped my after-game soreness. It goes right to the pain, and I know it is working.

Ron Stone


The machine is so popular, I have to wait in line to use it. It's God's little miracle in a box."

Jeff Ulbrich.jpg

Jeff Ulbrich


As an NFL linebacker I am constantly dealing with pain. This therapy has helped tremendously with the management and relief of my pain.

Paul Byrd

MLB Pitcher

PEMF Therapy helped with my recent groin injury. After just two treatments, the pain and swelling were gone, and I was able to move freely. This thing really works!


Bo Vocu

Professional Bull Rider

34 years old is ancient for a professional bull rider. I’ve broken almost every bone in my body. After a major leg fracture last summer (2008) and getting hauled off on a stretcher, I planned on calling it quits. But after using PEMF, my daily aches and pains have gone away. I feel better than I ever have. I am in the best shape of my life. I plan on competing one more season, and then walking away on my own terms!

Sid Steiner

2002 National Finals Rodeo

I was introduced to the PEMF after suffering a dislocated shoulder during a snowboarding accident. After only one treatment I noticed incredible results with my pain level as well as my range of motion. I was so impressed with this I introduced it to my wife who used it on her jaw with great results. Since then we have not only used it on ourselves, our friends and family members, but have also used it on our horses with amazing results. During the 2007 PBR season my good friend Justin McBride suffered a devastating injury to his shoulder and was told his season was over. I brought the machine to him to try and within a month he was back riding his way to another PBR World Championship

Sid Steiner.jpg

Brendan Hansen

U.S. Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist

I was introduced to the PEMF by a good friend. Being a competitive athlete I thought lets give it a try. After my first time I was really impressed with how loose and pain free it made me feel. I immediately told my coaches about it and set a time for it to be introduced to the coaches and fellow athletes. Everyone was impressed and it has become a regular therapeutic modality. I would recommend the PEMF to all athletes and everyone who suffers from pain and range of motion problems.

Hermann Maier

Ski Champion

No one expected him to walk again - let alone ski competitively. Winning world class races was never even considered. From now on, I'm treating every member of the team with PEMF Therapy.

Hermann Maier.jpg
Richard W. Quick_800.jpg

Richard W. Quick

6 time Olympic Swim Coach

This is perhaps the most phenomenal device I have ever seen. Prior to competition it loosens up our athletes so they are able to compete better by increasing their range of motion and reducing their pain and stiffness. After competition it assists in speeding up their recovery time so they are not stiff and sore. They bounce back refreshed and ready to go. For those that do suffer any type of pain and stiffness, this device is remarkable how it rids our athletes of their pain and stiffness and prepares them to compete again. I highly recommend that this PEMF device be a part of every athletic program.

PEMF for Athletes

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