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Mom: Pain Free in 30 Minutes


A Busy Mom's PEMF Story

Kamloops, BC.

From 2007-2016 I had chronic back pain with herniated discs in my lower back daily muscle spasms and mild osteoarthritis. I was doing physio and had gone to a chiropractor. I had cortisone shots in my back and was on pain medication.  I was doing exercises from a Kinesiologist. I figured this was my life and to cope one day at a time.  Some days I was lucky to make it off the bed the pain was so bad.  

A nurse asked if I would try the PEMF machine and explained it may help with my pain.  I thought, “sure why not I’ve tried other things.”  Of course, at this time after being in pain for 365 days a year, year after year I was skeptical that PEMF would do much, but why not give it a try?  

I went to the clinic, not knowing what to expect.  I was in considerable pain and stiff after driving an Hour and a half to the appointment.  The treatment was gentle and caused no pain. All I had to do was to lay on the PEMF matt. I held the magnet in my hand and felt the magnetic pulses coming from the Curatron. 

I finished the 30 minute session and sat up and right away noticed that 90% of the pain was gone!  I was shocked, amazed, but still a little skeptical.  I hadn’t felt this good in years. 

I could only feel a dull ache. I drove 20 minutes to where I was staying fearful that the pain would come back any second.  I told my husband who was also shocked.  I could move, I could bend down, I could walk without pain.  It was unbelievable.  

It was better then anything else I had tried and it didn’t hurt to try the PEMF!!! I was then waiting for the pain to come back how long would it last. I was pain free for approximately a month and when I did get pain I knew it was from doing things that my doctor suggested not to, like shovelling snow, vacuuming and washing floors. BUT the pain was not as bad as it once had been.  

It has been a year now and I have done PEMF sessions every month.  It has changed my life, I can live without unbearable pain with the PEMF. I can play with my 3 boys, swim, sled and hike with them now where as before I wasn’t able to do any of those activities. I don’t have to take drowsy strong pain medication anymore.  


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