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Avascular Necrosis Recovery with PEMF

With AVN it becomes painful to bear weight, but eventually the pain is felt even when laying down

Avascular Necrosis


Avascular Necrosis is a pathologic process that results from interruption of blood supply to the bone. As result the bone dies (necrosis) and loses all strengths and ultimately cannot support the skeleton anymore. The result can be tiny breaks in the bone, and the bones eventual collapse. The collapse of the bone structure can cut off the blood supply to a section of the bone which also expedites the death of the bone in that area. The disease is also called osteonecrosis, or bone death. 

Typical causes of the reduction of the blood supply are trauma to either the joint or the bone (i.e. an accident), blood vessels that are clogged with fat reducing blood flow, and diseases such as anemia, Gaucher's disease, and diabetes, all of which disrupt blood flow. 


Avascular Necrosis (AVN) often creeps up on people because they do not have any visible symptoms early on. As the situation gets worse, the joint with AVN can become painful when bearing weight. As it progresses, the joint will be painful even when laying down. 

Pain is usually centred in the groin, across the buttocks and thigh. The pain can affect the shoulder, the knee, the hand and foot. Compensation, (i.e. favouring another joint), can also cause pain due to poor posture. The pain will usually start out mild and then gradually become more intense as the the conditions worsens. 

Success with Avascular Necrosis​

Reported By Ben Phillipson of Curatronic

A couple of months ago we were contacted by a pharmacist who suffered from severe femoral avascular necrosis at both sides as result of diabetes. He was in constant pain and had great difficulty walking and could hardly function anymore.

AVN before PEMF

His MRI clearly showed major problems and no doubt that in a short while he would end up in a wheelchair. Hip replacements would have been very problematic because both femurs were already in such a poor shape that it would be doubtful if it could be done at all.

He decided to purchase a PEMF Curatron complete with high energy coil and treat himself daily for half an hour.

AVN After Curatron.jpg

AVN after PEMF

After 4 months he had a second MRI which clearly showed a substantial improvement of bone density in the affected areas.

These results can only be achieved with the Curatron because it has sufficient pulsed electromagnetic field intensity to penetrate the bones deep inside the body completely and redevelop blood supply to the affected bones, resulting in impressive increase in bone density within just a couple of months!

Curatron Systems for AVN

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