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Chronic Arthritis Pain Reduced

PEMF helped reduce chronic pain, cut down on pain killers and restore a quality of life. Listen to the story of someone suffering from chronic arthritis due to an injury and fused discs.
Reduced Pain Killers

Reduced Arthritis Pain and Pain Killers

My name is Marion Clayton and I have some positive results to share with you about what pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has done for me. I have been receiving PEMF treatments for approximately 6 months now; a couple of sessions per week. I consider PEMF a great blessing because I now enjoy a quality of life that I have not known in several years.

I have had 2 back fusions, I have arthritis both rheumatoid and osteo, and have had migraine headaches for years. A year ago, I was in extreme, disabling pain. I was discouraged and miserable because of my physical limitations.

Due of PEMF treatment I am now able to live a full and rewarding life. 6 months after adding regular PEMF treatments to my routine, I am able to be busy and productive every day. I can be a help to others instead of being the one needing the help. I take the occasional pain medication here and there now whereas before PEMF therapy, I was using strong narcotic meds four times a day! I can only attribute this to the positive changes PEMF is allowing my body to make. Thank you Roadway to Wellness and Curatronics!!

Marion Clayton

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