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Managing a Hypoxic Brain Injury
with PEMF


Managing an Hypoxic Brain Injury

Christie Miller explains the benefits of PEMF her son suffering from an hypoxic brain injury

"PEMF technology ...profoundly simply...simply profound! I believe the body has a tremendous and innate capacity to heal and always seeks to maintain balanced function and circulation. I also believe the Curatronics 3D-PEMF mat has restored our cells ability to do just that…restore balance at the cellular level leading to proper cell function and ultimately restored tissue and organ function… all based upon healthy circulation or nutrient in, waste out!

Improving Immunity, Managing Chronic Stress & Sleep Deprivation

Within one week, Curatronics 3D PEMF treatments have offered a tremendously effective way to manage chronic stress and develop restorative sleep cycles.  

Over one month, both my 10 year old son and I also experienced a new level of health due to better nutrient levels and proper waste management. Improved sleep, GI tract function and subsequent boosted immunity were the first changes I noticed in us both.  More importantly my chronic stress resulting from my son's brain injury has finally found it’s match!  While the stressors remain my reaction to them has actually become healthy!  While sleep is a foundation to a healthy immune and stress response, our improvements have happened too quickly to simply be the result of a better nights rest. We have worked with many allopathic and holistic modalities over 10 years to manage our heath in the face of hypoxic brain injury and I have never felt a more profound decrease in stress levels and ongoing improvement in restorative sleep… Sleep has alluded us for years.

Normalized Metabolism and GI System


After 2 months, both our GI systems are working more efficiently as well.  Not only is our digestion & metabolism normalizing, I have noticed a reduced reactivity to microbes.  Since the GI system is the seat of the immune system, we have found dramatic improvement in our ability to fight infection when exposed.  When, in previous winters we struggled from November to March, going from one cold to the next, this Fall and Winter our immune response to seasonal colds has been strong and healthy.  Exposure to 2 significant bouts of school based colds and no infection for either of us.  Last year, sinus and chest infections caused us to miss Christmas… I am betting… not this year!

We have tried 2 other PEMF mats over the last decade and not had any results. Moreover my son would walk away from them and cry when placed on them.  I now understand the field produced with too strong and in fact damaging. 


Sceptical? Gift yourself the knowledge offered by Marcus Fredenmann on the power, frequency and pulse form explanation and comparison of the various units available!  It was fascinating and lifts the veil of confusion on the various PEMF mats on the market…it also explains why my visually impaired son cried on other mats, but actually walks on his own accord to the Curatronics mat pulling the hand of anyone in the room to join him for treatment!

Thank you to the scientists and advocates of Curatronics 3D PEMF mats… finally Curatronics offers a real tool to trigger the extraordinary self- healing capacity of the human body using science mother-earth herself offers!”

Christie Miller B.Sc. RMT

Curatron 3D for  Brain Healing

The Curatron has the ability to penetrate deep into the skull and stimulate the brain tissue to operate more efficiently. This is critical in cases of neuroplasticity as the re-wiring of the brain circuitry requires the cells to function at optimal performance. The Curatron 3D envelopes the body in a bath of pulsed electro magnetic fields of upto 50,000 microTesla. When treating with the 3D and Butterfly Coil a penetration of 160,000 microTesla can be achieved.

To penetrate deep into the brain and treat concussions, the Curatron 3D is recommended. It has pre-programmed settings under the “brain disorders” settings.

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