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PEMF for your PET


Electromagnetic Fields

All living creatures, human or animal, are electrical beings. Pulsed electromagnetic field technology is an exciting branch of science falling under the “quantum physics” category. It is a form of “energy medicine” which enhances any living being’s ability to employ “low frequency” electromagnetic energy to achieve internal balance (homeostasis). Homeostasis is accomplished by “naturally” accelerating the body’s healing mechanism.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields are innate to the earth and invisibly provide the spark of life to maintain human, animal and plant health and wellness. Energy fields of the lower energy spectrum are healing in character, unlike our modern high-frequency technical devices such as computers, cordless phones and microwave ovens. These conveniences can be harmful due to the higher frequencies at which they operate. 

Veterinary PEMF

There are many conditions for which PEMF can be helpful in the application of veterinary medicine. Animals are typically more sensitive to PEMF than humans and respond positively to its use. As a result, people and their pets regularly enjoy a favourable outcome when PEMF is employed to assist in their recovery from various health challenges.

Utilizing the energy generated by our veterinary (pet) PEMF device(s) initiates a cascade of biological reactions within the bodies of our furry-coated friends. One of these reactions is the stimulation of nitric oxide production, which is required to promote the growth of new blood vessels and capillaries. As blood flow to a weakened area is improved, reduced inflammation and pain occurs. With proper nutrition, function is restored, and an improved quality of life follows. When this happens, our pets become happier and our joy increases.

There are numerous conditions that our pets suffer from, which can be helped through the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields. Among them are the pain and discomfort from orthopaedic conditions; spinal and hip, sore paws, skin allergies, digestive problems, surgical wounds, traumatic injury and nervous tension. Healing is expedited by as much as 40% with PEMF. In addition, recovery from spaying and other surgeries or internal or external injuries is advanced.

PEMF is effective for both the health and wellness of our pets and ourselves, so treatments often involve the pet and owner receiving the benefits of PEMF together during a session. As a result, holistic forms of treatment are being sought out more and more by conscientious pet and animal owners.

Curatron pet PEMF devices are lightweight and small, making them portable and ideally suited for home or veterinary clinic use. The device for dogs, cats and animals consists of a small mat and the Curavet system. Treatment is simple. It requires your pet to rest, lying down or sitting on the PEMF mat for short intervals, often with the owner present to initially reassure their pet and enjoy some of the session’s collateral benefits. 

We encourage you to consider PEMF as part of your pet’s healthcare regimen. 


Equine Energy Medicine

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been used as equine (horse) medicine for years. It is non-invasive and highly effective for facilitating health, natural healing, recovery and improved performance. In addition, PEMF can be employed without side effects like prescription medicine.


Curatron's Rectified Sine Wave

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