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The Curatron FLASH form of PEMF creates a “pulsed injection” of pain medicine. The effect will slowly dissipate after a few hours. In effect, the PEMF pain medicine is acting as a “nerve blocking” agent which “turns off” the pain signal to the brain. Curatron Premium Flash is mainly designed for very fast local pain relief lasting anywhere between hours and a few days.

For long term pain relief, the underlying source of the pain must be treated. For this the other Curatron PEMF technology should be used because they target the source of the pain and administers a substantial quantity of energy medicine to heal the underlying problems, resulting in long term pain relief.


At least one applicator must be purchased with the device.

Curatron Vet-FLASH


    • Dimensions unit 11.5” x 10.2” x 3”
    • Unit weight 9 lbs.
    • Included PREMIUM unit, power cord & test magnet
    • Input voltage 115/230 volt


    • Waveform: impulse
    • Maximum intensity 7000 Gauss = 700 milli Tesla = .7 Tesla
    • 10 Programs each 30 minutes (optional software is available)
    • Pulse rate < 1 – 10 pulse/second
    • Clock & program display built-in
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