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Doctors Letters

Willam Bauer, MD

"I am convinced that this field is the future for many breakthroughs in medicine yet to come"

James C. Chorzine, DC

"Bone mass has significantly increased in 3-6 months"

Izik Friedman, Msc, PT

"With the help of Curatron we witness the cure of inflammations, improved fracture healing, decrease of rheumatic pains and pain in general, in a much shorter time than with any other therapy."

Barry Miller, MD

"MY chronic lung disease has improved dramatically. I am no longer short of breath and my measured oxygen in my blood has increased!"

Rober Sklovsky, Pharm. D., N.D., P.C.

"I have had good results using PEMFT for fatigue, arthritis and fibromyalgia cases. Many patients report feeling a sense of well being and being able to sleep better."

Lella Davis, Patient

"I have improved so much I am now able to exercise for the first time in a very long time.... I am so happy I have found something to help my lungs heal and to have more energy."
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