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The Curatron 2000 XPSE Travel Edition is enhanced to provide 1000 Gauss of energy medicine with 10 easy to use programs.  Energy medicine targeting arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, osteoporosis, sports injuries, fracture healing, cartilage regrowth, athletic performance, general health, wellness, detoxification, all-around therapy. The Travel Edition is portable. The travel mattress folds conveniently into your travel luggage with the Control Device and Coil.


    Curatron 2000 XPSE Travel Edition

    • Curatron 2000 XPSE

      • Size: 11.8" x 7.9" x 3.1" [20cm x 30cm x 8cm]  
      • Weight: 6lbs [2.7kg].

      Very High Coil B: used for focused treatment in specific areas. 

      • Size: 8" x 8" [20cm x 20cm]  
      • Strength: 100,000 microTesla [1000 Gauss]

      Travel Mattress foldable for travelling and used for full body treatment. The travel mattress is fold-able will fit with your Curatron into your hand-held luggage.

      • Folded 12" x 14" with a height of 3" [30.5cm x 35.5cm x 7.5cm]
      • Weight of 4.2 lbs [1.9kg]
      • Size: 24" x 49" [65cm x 180cm]
      • Strength: 15,000 microTesla [150 Gauss]

      Also included:

      • Test Magnet
      • Power Cord
      • User Manual (downloadable)
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