Equestrian PEMF

By Jonathan Bowen

The Curatron Universal Equine Therapy Blanket
Double Leg Wraps
Single Leg Wrap

Equestrian PEMF

Show and racing horses are a huge investment of money, time and love. The advantages of PEMF can help provide you with the competitive edge you need for your equestrian endeavours.

The Curatron Equine System provides:

  • Highest efficiency of any equine system
  • Superior results obtained by application of high-energy pulsating magnetic fields (up-to 150 Gauss at each coil of the horse blanket and up to 400 Gauss at the leg wrap)
  • 10 fully automatic master programs
  • Large digital display program number and therapy time
  • Only 4 “Touch” controls: Start, Pause, Stop, Program
  • Optional software for laptop use in tracking for veterinary purposes
  • Create and store your own programs in the database for specific dedicated therapy, follow-up and evaluation.
  • Safe for operator does not require hand application.

Applicators Available include:

  • Universal therapy blanket 48”x48” with ten high power built-in coils
  • Single or Dual Leg Wraps for therapy of Hock, Tendon and Knee
  • 20” x 28” Therapy Pad for small animals