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Understand the Revolutionary Technology of PEMF

The revolutionary technology of PEMF is explained by Jonathan Bowen in this video. Understand the connection between PEMF and the earth’s geomagnetic field generated by the earth’s core which charges the cells of the body. We use the magnetic field to navigate, and so do many animals. The human body uses the earth’s geomagnetic field at a cellular level. Space travel demonstrate the need for this geomagnetic field as astronauts suffered from muscle atrophy and bone density loss. PEMF was developed for these issues and has now been made available to the public to help in the same way.

The Human Body is an Electrical Machine

The human body is an electrical machine. The heart is monitored by measuring the electrical impulses flowing through the body. The human brain is a complex processor of electrical signals that are translated throughout the body through the nerves. Each of the cells in the human body are powered by electrical fields. The cells of the human body are energized by ATP, the batteries that power the cells. Our bodies depend on electricity to survive.

Healthy Body’s are  Charged

The human body is designed to carry to an electrical charge. Healthy people have a positive charge in their cells. When this charge drops chronic illnesses and cancers are the result. Blood requires a positive charge to remain free flowing and performing its job. Healthy blood cells float freely, repelling themselves. When cells lose their power the Rouleau effect is reduces the effect of cells to pick up oxygen and nutrients and discard toxins. All the cells in the body are affected by the ability of the blood cells to work effectively.

Curatron Provides Revolutionary PEMF Technology

Curatron is a revolutionary deliverer of electromagnetic fields that stimulates the energizes the cells and stimulates the body’s production of ATP. This enhances the ability of all the organs and systems of the body to work efficiently, performing the tasks they are designed for.