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Stimulating Bone Growth with PEMF


Bone Growth.​

PEMF works at a cellular level. All the cells are affected and the body’s systems which deliver oxygen and nutrients while removing toxins are enhanced. This revitalization results in the body’s components being able to perform the tasks they were designed for with optimal efficiency.  The bone structure within the body gives us form, but it also houses the marrow which is the factory where blood cells are produced. 

Osteoblast cells, (bone germination cells), produce bone matter.   Osteoblast cells work together as a group called the osteon and produce the calcium and phosphate-based minerals which are deposited into the organic matrix forming the strong and dense mineralized tissue called the mineralized matrix. Bones are comprised of a composite material made up of both collagen and minerals which give them tensile and compressive strength.  Bone cells are constantly being regenerated by the osteoblast cells.   PEMF can help heal and strengthen bones as it induces micro currents which stimulate the osteoblast cells to produce bone matter. This is critical to healing especially with those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. 

Cartilage regrowth​

Cartilage is the flexible connective tissue found in many areas of the human body. It is located in joints between bones, in the rib cage, the ears, nose, bronchial tubes and inter-vertebral disks. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels and therefore is difficult to heal.

Injuries often affect the cartilage, but also joints will simply wear out over time, giving way to osteoarthritis where the cartilage is thinned out as shown on the right in the diagram below.

PEMF has been shown to directly affect bone healing and cartilage regrowth. The pulsed electro-magnetic fields stimulate the cells responsible for regrowth. The X-ray below shows the knee of a 70 year old female who was experiencing extreme pain when walking because the cartilage had degenerated. PEMF encouraged cartilage growth between the bones (right below).

Healing for many injuries involving bone and cartilage can be assisted through PEMF energy medicine.

PEMF-XP2000 xrayknee_edited.jpg

Xray of knee before PEMF

PEMF-XP2000 xrayknee_edited.jpg

Xray of knee after PEMF

Curatron Systems for Bone Growth

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