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Brainwave Entrainment with PEMF

Brain Waves

Curatron and Brainwave Entrainment.

Advances in medical science have enabled us to understand how the brain works and the different phases in which it operates. Curatron has utilized this know-how to entrain the brainwaves to desired frequencies. This technology has become known as PEMF bio-hacking.

Curatron has worked with doctors and scientists worldwide to take PEMF Brainwave Entrainment research to build it into its PC and 3D PEMF devices.

Curatron has developed a series of neuro-protocols to entrain the brain into the desired area of brainwave activity. The programs include Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma waves at various intensities and frequencies. For ease of use, an auto-sequence is included with each brainwave protocol.

If you aim to prepare the brain for higher concentration, you can utilize the Beta or Gamma settings. If you are trying to achieve a meditative and creative state, the Alpha setting is available to you.

The Delta and Theta settings are available for insomniacs looking to reintroduce restorative sleep into their lives. To make things simple to use, Curatron has created seven sleep programs at various intensities to entrain the brain through the various brainwaves from Beta down to Delta.

How the Brain Works

Humans are bio-electrical beings. The brain is an excellent example of a biological organ that operates through the use of complex electrical signals known as brain waves. 

An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures the electrical pulses emitted by the brain. Electrical pulses are measured in pulses (or cycles) per second and are known as Hertz (Hz). 

The development of digital electroencephalograms has enabled scientists to identify five types of brain waves: 

  1. Delta
  2. Theta

  3. Alpha

  4. Beta

  5. Gamma

The brain utilizes all five different types of waves at different times of the day. The Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves exist in the subconscious mind. Beta waves, and the newly discovered Gamma waves, exist in the conscious mind.

Delta brainwaves for sleep and healing

Delta brain waves are between 1Hz and 4Hz. Delta is the region of a deep sleep, where healing takes place. The human growth hormone is released at this phase. Often this is an area of detached awareness, where our dreams do not make much sense, (if dreams occur at all). This is the predominant brainwave of infants. Delta has between 0 and 10 thoughts per minute.  Read more about sleep


Theta brain waves for meditation and intuition

Theta brain waves are between 4Hz – 7Hz. Theta is the area of deep meditation, where intuitive ideas originate. This is the stage that is characterized by light sleep and rapid eye movement (REM), dreams and sometimes hallucinations. Often the theta stage begins to engage when we become drowsy, and the outside world disappears into the wo