Neuron & bone regeneration

By Jonathan Bowen,
October 1, 2014

The body is constantly undergoing regeneration, and each of its 100 billion cells are replaced over a period of time. The cells in each organ regenerate at different rates. The heart is regenerated every 20 years. Every bone in the body is regenerated within ten years. Nails regenerate every 6-10 months. The liver regenerates every five months. The blood cells regenerate every four months. Skin regenerates every 4 weeks. The lungs regenerate ever 2-3 weeks. The lining in your stomach is regenerated every 2-3 days.

PEMF-NASA bone growth


In September 2003 Thomas Goodwin, Ph.D. of NASA who investigated the effect of electromagnetic fields on neuronal cells, published an experimental study. Neuronal cells are responsible for transmitting electrical signals throughout the body. For example, if you want to open your hand, the brain sends electrical command signals to the muscles responsible for opening the hand. These electrical signals reach these muscles and if there is no damage to the neuronal cells going from the brain towards these muscles, then the hand will open. If there is damage as a result of an accident or surgery the body will repair the damage and regenerate the neuronal cells over time. 

The purpose of the NASA study was to find out if it was possible to stimulate regeneration or regrowth of neural tissue with electro magnetic fields in order to improve electrical conductivity between the neuronal cells. The study concluded electromagnetic field stimulation improved regrowth by 250% to 400%. 

Roscosmos and PEMF

PEMF-ROSCOM bone growthWhen Russia conducted experiments sending cosmonauts into space for extended periods of time the cosmonauts experienced major problems when they returned to earth. In outer space there is no gravity and consequently the cosmonauts had muscle and bone problems when they returned to the gravitational field on earth. When initially returning they could not stand or walk following the recovery of their space module. Specially designed PEMF devices created by Curatron engineers have been used to improve bone density for returning cosmonauts.