LLLT-PEMF Combo Probe

Curatron has combined the power of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy with Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) in its newly released LLLT-PEMF Combo Probe.

The Science of LLLT

According to a report from the University of Massachusetts (downloadable below):

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the application of light… to promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

According to the report, LLLT technology,

unlike other medical laser procedures, LLLT is not an ablative or thermal mechanism, (meaning it removes material from the surface of an object by vaporization or other erosion processes), but rather a photochemical effect comparable to photosynthesis in plants whereby the light is absorbed and exerts a chemical change.”

The LLLT phototherapy has the ability to induce a photo biological process in the cells which has a dramatic effect on the mitochondria, the “cellular power plants” of the body which are responsible for generating energy and for metabolism. LLLT can prevent cell death (apoptosis) and improve cell reproduction (proliferation), migration and adhesion at low levels of red/NIR (near infra-red) light illumination.

According to the same report,

“There have been a large number of both animal model and clinical studies that demonstrated highly beneficial LLLT effects on a variety of diseases, injuries, and have been widely used in both chronic and acute conditions.”

The report continues to state that LLLT will,

“...increase collagen synthesis to promote healing of acute and chronic wounds…. LLLT can also stimulate healing of deeper structures such as nerves, tendons, cartilage, bones and even internal organs. LLLT can reduce pain, inflammation and swelling caused by injuries, degenerative diseases or autoimmune diseases.”

Furthermore, the study cites the Oron report, which indicated the “beneficial effect of LLLT on repair processes after injury or ischemia in skeletal and heart muscles…” It indicated “LLLT has been used to mitigate damage after strokes in both animals and humans, after traumatic brain injury and after spinal cord injury.”

The full report is downloadable with all its citations at the bottom of this article.

Wellness clinic using the LLLT-PEMF Combo Probe:

 Application for the Curatron LLLT-PEMF Combo probe:

  • /uploads/Products/LLLT%20Combo%20Probe/Handheld-LLLT-PEMF-probe.jpgAnti-aging
  • Increase of local circulation and oxygenation
  • Joint & muscle pain reduction
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Acceleration of wound and open ulcer healing
  • Skin repair
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Scar fading
  • Acne
  • Hair growth stimulation

The Power of the Combination:

The Curatron Combo probe utilizes phototherapy Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) red light radiation combined with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate healing and relieve pain without side effects. Phototherapy with red LLLT activates skin cells with pulses of non-thermal light energy, deep under the skin. The cell converts light energy into fuel (like photosynthesis in plants) in turn stimulating the cells to produce proteins and lipids essential for building and repairing of the skin. Light absorption and electromagnetic energy enhance each other further by combining and pulse synchronizing PEMF with LLLT.

Combo-Probe Compatiblility:


The LLLT-Combo Probe is priced at  $3750.

Contact us today to add the LLLT-PEMF Combo probe to your Curatron system.

The following are the specifications:

  • Focused high PEMF power and high intensity super bright 50 AlGaAs diode cluster
  • Light peak power: 2000 mW @ 640 nm with 40 degrees light angle
  • Effective red light therapy area: 16 cm2 (~ 2½ inch2)
  • Peak power density: 125 mW cm2 (~ 0.16 inch2)
  • PEMF max intensity 150.000 micro Tesla (1500 Gauss) with XP/Pro special, PC/Super, 3D/Ultra
  • PEMF max intensity 100.000 micro Tesla (1000 Gauss) with XP/Pro
  • Pulse frequency: 1 – 50 Hz

 LLLT Studies: