Available Leasing Options. 

For US customers Pemf-Tech has partnered with a US leasing company that offers quick approvals and flexible payment terms. Financial stamens are not required in most cases, simply a one-page application that can be approved within an hour for same day funding.


Pemf-Tech has partnered with a Canadian leasing company to handle all leases in Canada. Although the equipment is purchased in US funds, the lease is quoted and handled in Canadian dollars, fixing your monthly payment, helping you to budget and removing fluctuation with interest rates and currency exchange rates.

Leasing gives you the option to keep your capital available for more urgent needs. Leasing can help you beat inflation as the cost of doing business is fixed for the period of your lease. Lease financing is 100% tax deductible in Canada, and the after-tax cost to your business can be less than the total lease payment. 

Contact us today to choose the leasing option available to you.