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PEMF therapy introduces a low frequency pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) that recharges the cells of the body, allowing them to float freely, increasing the effective functioning surface area and consequently enhancing circulation, oxygenation and hydration. At the same time the cellular ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxins from the body is greatly increased.

Regular use of the Curatron 2000HT device is an ideal way of obtaining and maintaining health, wellness and fitness. No matter whether your lifestyle is physically or mentally demanding, whether you are actively engaging in sports or not, healthy or not, by utilizing the Curatron Therapy & Wellness system anyone is able to experience faster regeneration, increased wellness and dramatic improvement in their quality of life. Even after years of chronic disease, positive results and recovery are seen. Curatron’s PEMF therapy devices are safe for home use.

The Curatron HT is a unique Therapy & Wellness all-purpose combination system for the home. It is affordably priced, yet delivers superior dosage of energy medicine over comparably or higher priced products on the market. It offers five programs for Therapy and five programs for Health & Fitness (see chart below). Each Curatron 2000HT home unit comes complete with a mattress and a high-energy therapy pad. An optional hand held probe is available for targeted treatment.

Applicators for Different Purposes:

The energy mattress is used for whole body therapy with conditions such as osteopenia, sleepdisturbances, whole body circulation, oxygenation, detoxification, pain relief, well-being, etc.

The energy therapy pad is mostly used for application to the arms, legs, hips, spine, shoulders etc., and is the most powerful of both the applicators included .

Optional handheld probe delivers a focused energy field for very localized treatment.

The 2000HT system is designed for use in the comfort of your own home. It is simple to operate delivering the benefit of PEMF energy medicine on a daily basis. Whether you are treating a chronic condition or interested in maximizing your overall health and wellness this system is your ideal partner.  Specific conditions may be better suited to be treated by higher-powered Curatron systems. Ask PEMF-Tech for information on more powerful devices if you are interested in treating specific issues not listed.

General Applications


  • Anti-stress
  • Improve fitness & performance
  • Anti-aging
  • Sleep improvement
  • Faster recovery after injuries
  • Metabolic stimulation 


  • Pain relief
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Fracture healing
  • Varicose veins

Enjoy life to the fullest with PEMF!

Health and Wellness are two of the most important things we can invest in. Without these every other aspect of our lives is diminished. People should be able to enjoy every day whether at work, school, or spending time with loved ones. However, each of us will face medical challenges in life, during which PEMF can help significantly.

Curatronic’s PEMF devices are designed to stimulate wellness by ensuring maximum blood flow, oxygenation, nutritional uptake, and detoxification. This allows the body to perform the tasks it was designed for. The goal of the manufacturer and the distributor of Curatron systems is to maximize health ensuring a superior quality of life to be experienced. 

When disease and sickness occur, PEMF energy medicine can play a major supporting role, assisting the body’s built in defense and repair mechanisms to perform with optimal efficiency. 

Curatronic Ltd. has developed its series of devices to deliver effective doses of energy medicine. It has worked with doctors to build program settings designed to address specific conditions. In some cases the affected organs are targeted, energizing the body to speed recovery and repair. 

A partner to a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, and a responsible diet, Curatronic’s PEMF systems are a prudent investment for those who want to get the most out of the gift of life.







Disclaimer: Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) has been approved by health authorities as medical therapy for human applications. In the European Community the Curatron devices are certified as medical devices according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. The devices are manufactured according to ISO 13485 for Good Manufacturing Practice. In the United States of America the Curatron devices have not been cleared by the FDA. The information provided on this website is not medical advice. Health Canada has not sanctioned PEMF devices, however, PEMF technology is used by hospitals throughout Canada for certain applications. The products marketed on the website and in the brochures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Readers are encouraged to obtain the help, services and recommendations of doctors and other licensed medical practitioners.