Curatron PEMF instead of Flu vaccine

Flu Vaccine may not work but PEMF does....

By Jonathan Bowen,
December 4, 2014

NBC news reported on December 3, 2014:

"Much of the influenza virus circulating in the United States has mutated and this year's vaccine doesn't provide good protection against it, federal health officials are warning.

The flu vaccine protects against three or four strains of flu — there's always a mix of flu viruses going around — and H3N2 is one of them. But the strain of H3N2 infecting most people has mutated and only about half of cases match the vaccine, CDC said.

Flu viruses do this all the time. The mutations are called "drift" and vaccines, formulated months in advance, often don't protect well against drifted viruses although they may provide a little of what's called cross protection.

Flu usually hits the very young and the very old the hardest. Depending on the season, it kills anywhere between 4,000 and 50,000 people a year in the United States."

PEMF removes Rouleaux effectWhile Flu vaccines may not be successful this year, PEMF is.

It is the blood that carries the bodies defense mechanisms against Flu bugs. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (#PEMF) charges the blood cells so that they don’t clump together forming the Rouleaux effect (see images showing live cell analysis of blood with the Rouleaux effect (right) verses blood treated with PEMF (below)). Capillaries are so small that blood cells can only pass through them in single file. The Rouleaux effect prevents blood cells from flowing through the capillaries where much of the work of the blood is performed, such as absorbing nutrients and oxygen or dispel toxins or carbon dioxide. Blood affected by the Rouleaux effect recirculates without having done its job.

If the blood cells are subjected to the Rouleaux effect, disease results because the effective flow of blood throughout the body is restricted, and the oxygen level in the blood is drastically reduced. Bacteria are anaerobic, (meaning they thrive without oxygen), so disease will thrive in blood deprived of oxygen. Parasites and viruses also thrive in anaerobic acidic environments.

PEMF charges cellsTo boost your immune system against flu bugs, bacteria, viruses and parasites consider PEMF treatment as a healthy and natural alternative providing many natural health advantages. Charge your blood so that it can work to its optimal ability, and give your immune system a natural boost to fight viruses, bacteria and parasites!

PEMF is a healthy flu vaccine without side effects.

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