has added the brand-new super high intensity Curatron Flash PEMF system to complete the Curatron family of PEMF devices.

The Curatron Flash generates intensities of up-to 7,000 Gauss! The unit uses high voltage solid-state semiconductor technology  to generate high intensity PEMF pulses, not obsolete spark-gap chamber technology. Consequently, the Curatron Flash is completely service free, requiring no parts to be replaced, like the rest of the Curatron family.

​​10 internal computer controlled programs offer a wide choice for various treatment possibilities with superior flexibility, utilizing both ringer and oscillating PEMF applications. The system can also be fully controlled through the USB connection to a PC or Laptop computer with the powerful PEMF Flash software (optional), giving you wide range of control. 

Flash Software Features:

  • Easily installed with little basic computer knowledge.
  • The user can freely create custom therapy programs and add them to the database fully automated use. Therapy pulse frequencies with related intensities and timing for each pulsing stage are under direct command and control of the PC/Laptop program running under Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • User-friendly database for demographic patient data including treatment follow up and free-note editing.
  • Ability to print reports, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.

How Does the Flash Work?

The Curatron Flash uses a very different technology than the other Curatron devices. It is designed for pain relief in specific areas due to the inherent localized ultrashort pulse effect (rather than full body treatment).

The very high intensity of the PEMF Flash pulses creates extremely short electromagnetic pulses of less than a few hundred microseconds (less than 1/1000 of a second).

​Every very high intensity pulse will fully penetrate the body, but mainly inside the coil location. Because the duration of the pulse is extremely short the average quantity of energy transferred into the body is close to zero

​As side effect of this high intensity pulse technology is uncontrollable muscle contractions. These muscle contractions happen because the high inducted electrical currents inside the muscles trigger the electrical contraction function of the muscles.

What can the Curatron FLASH do for me? Curatron Flash form of PEMF creates a “pulsed injection” of pain medicine, similar to being “frozen” by a needle before the drilling starts at the dentist. Just like dental freezing, the effect will slowly dissipate after a few hours. In effect, the PEMF pain medicine is acting as a “nerve blocking” agent which “turns off” the pain signal to the brain.

Curatron Flash is mainly designed for very fast local pain relief lasting anywhere between hours and a few days. To gain the “energy medicine” effect of regular Curatron devices many long hours of low intensity pulses would needed making it impractical as a source of “energy medicine.” For long term pain relief, the underlying source of the pain must be treated. For this the other Curatron PEMF technology should be used because they target the source of the pain and administers a substantial quantity of energy medicine to heal underlying problem, resulting in long term pain relief.

Which Unit Do I Require?

The Curatron Flash is primarily designed for instant pain relief. The rest of the Curatron family cover a broader range of treatment and healing.

What does the Flash Come With? Curatron Flash comes with a 12” which can be used as regular coil (see above), and also folded as butterfly coil (right). There is also a therapy pad which it can be inserted into.

An optional 7" (18 cm) coil pad is available with 35% higher output intensity reaching a maximum of 5,400 Gauss, and 7,000 Gauss with the power booster! This is excellent for intense pain therapy in targetted areas.

The Curatron Flash comes with 10 pre-programmed settings. The optional software package can provide you with flexibility to program an unlimited number of protocols and therapy settings.




12" Coil inside Pad  upto 4000 Gaus


7" Coil inside pad (5400 Gaus; 7000 Gaus with the power booster)




What is the cost of the Curatron Flash?