Lindsay Vonn is back with PEMF.

Lindsey Vonn World Cup Winner Again


Lindsey Vonn put the 22 hardest months of her career behind her with a 60th World Cup victory in a downhill at Lake Louise on Saturday and said she had always believed in her ability to come back.

The victory was her first in nearly two years.

‘I’ve never had that sort of setback like I’ve had the last two years,’ said the American. ‘I always believed in myself to come back but I never really knew until today. And today I’m finally back at the top. … It’s an amazing day.’

A broken shin and two knee operations were not enough to spoil Vonn’s class and she could not have chosen a better place to return than Lake Louise, where she clinched her 15th victory at the resort.

Her secret?  Lindsay is an advocate of PEMF energy medicine and is the owner of multiple Curatron PEMF devices.