Research at PEMF-TECH

PEMF-TECH is dedicated to bringing the best PEMF technology and information in the industry throughout the globe.

PEMF-TECH researches applications for PEMF based on scientific and medical studies throughout the world. The goal is to educate doctors, health care professionals, practitioners, sports therapists, and health conscious individuals.

Providing you information that is accessible and understandable so that you can feel confident about the direction you are taking with your healthcare choices. This is why you will find so many articles and videos exploring the many applications of PEMF on this website.

PEMF-TECH participates in conferences and conventions dedicated to discovering the revolutionary therapies and technologies that are changing the medical world as we know it. 

PEMF Research

Customer Service

Pemf-Tech Customer Service


PEMF-TECH backs up the products it sells with customer support. You can actually talk to a live person who will guide you through the sea of information floating around on the internet. 

We are happy to spend the time with you to discuss the issues your are facing and help you put together protocols to ensure you get the most out of your PEMF system.

PEMF-TECH has set up a customer web portal with FAQ’s where you can post questions, and read posts from other PEMF users, including health care professionals.