Chronic Pain Recovery with PEMF.

By Pat Bouttell

Struck by a Car

Pat Boutettell describes how PEMF helped her recover from chronic pain following being struck by a car.

In 1985 I was a pedestrian hit by a car. The bumper hit my knee, which severed the Anterior and Posterior Cruciate and Medial Collateral Ligaments. The surgeons only found the MCL to reattach. I had a compound fracture of the Tibia, and as I landed sitting up, a fractured Coccyx and compressed spine – I lost 2 inches in height. Amongst my more “minor” injuries were extensive soft tissue damage to my neck and hand.

Because of the extensive injuries to my leg, I’ve had a muscle rotation, a muscle flap of the Soleus, 3 skin grafts, and both knees replaced amongst my 25 surgeries. I don’t remember not being in pain, but worked to reduce my painkillers for my health’s sake.

Every night I do my back exercises before bed, and take 2 pain killers. After 2 hours sleep I’d wake up and have to do more back exercises and take more meds for pain. After about 2 hours I’d be able to fall asleep again, but would wake up again, needing more exercises.

PEMF Treatment for Chronic Pain

I began PEMF treatments in August 2014 at Roadway to Wellness, which exclusively uses Curatronic equipment. I was not expecting fast results, so have been pleasantly surprised that I am sleeping much better, and am in far less pain. I have reduced my meds from 2 pain killers twice a night to 2 pain killers twice a week. I no longer have to do an hour’s worth of back exercises in the middle of the night, but less than 10 minutes. I have more energy, and feel more alert.

With my recovery, my husband and I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel the Mediteranean. Here we are depicted infront of a statue of King David in Israel.

I am very grateful for the treatments, and so impressed by Curatronic  that I purchased a home unit for myself from Pemf-Tech Inc. I don’t want to ever be without PEMF!

Pat Bouttell

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