Treating Migraines with PEMF

Treating Migraines with PEMF Migraines - a nerve issue Migraines are much more than a headache. According to Dr. Elizabeth Leroux, author of "Migraines." In her research, she relates how migraines are…

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Treating Diabetes with PEMF

PEMF-TECH Treating Diabetes with PEMF. WATCH VIDEO By Jonathan Bowen 422 million people suffered from Diabetes ion 2013​ The Diabetes Plague Diabetes is a growing problem worldwide. According to…

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Treating Pain with PEMF

Treating Pain with PEMF

Treating Chronic Pain with PEMF By Jonathan Bowen Treat Pain with PEMF  Pain can be treated with PEMF by blocking the messages transmitted to the brain through the nervous system. Natural endorphins…

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