Treating Cancer with PEMF

Oncologist Dr. Jonathan Stegall MD. discusses Curatron for PEMF cancer treatment. “The whole idea behind PEMF is getting the body back in balance…we can program the frequencies to use the ones we know have been effective against cancer”

Doctors use PEMF to treat cancer
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Pemf for Cancer

Curatron does not actively promote PEMF devices for cancer treatment as it does not claim to “heal cancer”. Although PEMF cannot cure cancer, it can help create a highly oxygenated and highly charged environment in which cancer cannot thrive.

Dr. Pawluck in his new book Power Tools for Health states the following:

“PEMFs have been studies to a moderate extent in the setting of cancer. I will say right at the outset that PEMFs are not expected to cure cancer. Cancer is not a contraindication to the use of PEMFs…. Current evidence appears to suggest that PEMFS can be appropriate complementary and integrative approach to use in management of cancer, along with behavioral management, nutrition, and lifestyle.

I have treaded many patients with PEMF therapies while they have been undergoing the many other therapies that medicine has to offer as well as complementary approaches. Generally, PEMFs help to sustain people through their cancer treatment process to allow less discomfort, more effectiveness of the therapy of their choice, and a better quality of life.” (Dr. Pawluck, Power Tools for Health. How Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) Help You. Friesen Press 2017. p86)

We have includes some of these studies below:

Studies on Cancer and PEMF

Alternate treatments for Cancer found using PEMF

Alternative Cancer Treatment

A study conducted by Marko S. Markov, Ivan Cameron and Nicholas Short at the University of Texas Health Science Center Department of Cellular and Structural Biology

PEMF impairs brest cancer

PEMFs Impair Breast Cancer

Scientists from Italy, Switzerland and Singapore collaborate on 2013 a study on PEMF and breast cancer where PEMF was found to be cytotoxic to cancer cells.

Tumours observed to be treated with PEMF

Clinical Observations Treating Tumors

Scientists studying 137 patients with advanced malignant tumors using PEMF concluded PEMF is more effective, safer and can significantly improve prognosis of patients.

Tumour cells destabilized with PEMF

Destabilizing tumor cells with PEMF

Scientists from the Department of Environmental Science and the I.M.O Centre at the University of Siena Italy research destruction of cancer cells (apoptosis) via PEMF

PEMF has is detrimental to Cancer

Anti-Tumor Effects of PEMF

Researchers from the Department of Experimental Medicine, Pharmacology Unit at the University of Ferrara Italy discover the effectiveness of PEMF on cancerous tumors

LLLT and PEMF combat cancer

LLLT PEMF and Cancer Cells

Scientists from China, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany study the effects of LLLT and PEMF and find photodyamic PEMF helps increase drug delivery for treatment of cancer.