A broken shin and two knee operations were not enough to spoil Vonn’s class and she could not have chosen a better place to return than Lake Louise, where she clinched her 15th victory at the resort.

Her secret?  Lindsay is an advocate of PEMF energy medicine and is the owner of multiple Curatron PEMF devices.


oxygenation and performance increased with pemf

Professional Athletes Speak

Professional athletes from are benefiting from the use of PEMF to enhance their performance. Athletes share their experiences with PEMF, hear it from their own mouths:

PEMF healthy living

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Matt and Ashley, two marathon runners from Hamilton, Ontario discuss their experience with PEMF and the performance enhancement it has given them.

sports injuries decreased with PEMF

Sports Injury Healing Accelerated with PEMF

Sports injuries are traumatic in nature and include bruises and wounds, strains and sprains, fractures, concussions and nerve damage.

reduced sprain and strain recovery time with PEMF

Sprains, Strains and PEMF

Strains are common sports injuries to the muscles. A strain occurs when the fibers of the muscle have been torn due to overstretching.

Cartilage regrowth encouraged by PEMF

Cartilage regrowth for the hip and knee​

EMF has excelled in stimulating the regrowth of cartilage in both the hip and knee. Avoid hip or knee replacement, or strengthen bone structure around existing implants...

Brain injury and concussion with PEMF

Neurological Injuries and Concussion Recovery

A dangerous and common sports injury is a concussion. A concussion is occurs when trauma such as a direct blow to the head, or an indirect blow to the body...