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Matt Rivett, seriously injured in a Motorcycle accident on August 1, 2013, explains how P.E.M.F. treatments using the Curatron device at Roadway to Wellness has made such a difference in his recovery.


Testimonial Recived by the Roadway to Wellness clinic which utilizes the Curatronic 3D System.

Hello Roadway to Wellness!

I would like to bring you and your followers up to date with my present state of health. As a result of the extent of the injury to my right shoulder from my motorcycle accident, I required surgery to repair the damage. I had the surgery this past September. Since I had already had this same shoulder operated on a couple of years before my accident by the same surgeon, I had 2 recovery scenarios for comparing. The first time I hurt this shoulder it was due to my sports and training too heavily with weights.

With my second surgery, I couldn’t help but notice something majorly different with my healing. After my first operation, I was told to expect to be back to normal in 6 months, more or less. There was noticeable pain afterwards and greatly restricted movement for a long time. 6 months was about right where my range of motion improvement was concerned.

Post surgery #2 things were very different. I had very little pain and the range of motion gains which had taken 6 months to achieve the first time, where there in 4 weeks after my second shoulder surgery! The only difference in what I was doing with these two operations was that the second time around I did PEMF therapy pre and post the surgery with the Curatronic devise at Roadway to Wellness. I continue to have PEMF and physio and I’m amazed at how fast things are coming along. All I can say is, thank-you Roadway to Wellness for making PEMF available to me. It is a game changer for sure!

Matt Rivett, December 4, 2014